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Hello all. I am in a Girl Genius Guild on Gaia Online, and recently we had some discussion about what-ifs and future possible plot twists, as well as some revelations concerning Klaus. I am posting this here because sff_gorgi asked me to and making a new post for it because it turned out to be too long for a post comment for the sketches post. Persons who are quoted not named for reasons of privacy.

Okay. This is how it started:

"My sister and I are both avid readers of GG, and the other day, we started to think how awful it would be if Gil was actually the Heterodyne son who "died" when the castle was attacked.
I mean, I think he's a little older than Agatha, we don't know who his mother is, we don't know where he came from, and if they were related, that would still give a decent reason to combine the Heterodyne and Wulfenback crests.
Think about it.
And even if he's not a Heterodyne, he could at least be Klaus and Lucretia's (because we all know they were gettin' it on).

That would be the worst plot twist ever. D:
I would be so upset."

"Well, Agatha very well might be Klaus and Lucrezia's, which would make her his half-sister. "

"I wouldn't think so, since neither of them is a Heterodyne, and if they were her parents, she wouldn't have the Heterodyne blood that was accepted by the castle...
It's pretty certain at this point that she's Bill's.
Or Barry's... "

"It would be sucky but they did show Klaus with a baby Gil on his back when retelling what had happened when he returned to see the castle in ruins (retelling to Punch and Judy once meeting them again). And the boy was born two years after Klaus had vanished. That we learned in the "history lesson".

...I can't believe I'm saying this but I think I've read this way too much.
If they do a plot twist like that then they'll have to correct that info. "

" It's weird it's like they've given us the ending...sorta but we have no clue of how it leads there.

We know that Agatha eventually builds the time machine (or the Geisterdamen has some sort of means to it with their own technology). and we first see it in action in the 3rd page. Now the figure who activated it can be a number of people. It looks female so possibly 'Von Pin' (can't remember her proper muse name at the moment), or perhaps a reconstructed form for Zeetha, a different muse, or someone we haven't met yet.

Dupree got to see the other uses of it which seems to be to find some people I'm not sure if that's Moloch with Gil and Agatha in that one or someone else. He looks a bit short and dumpy. "

"I believe Gil is a baby from Klaus and a Skifander gal... Which Klaus took home against her decision and that is why Klaus feels a skifander warrior will come after him! "

Then there were some teories about who Higgs is...

Then I told them Klaus = Chump

*insert shock and awe here*

"Yeah, I was just looking at that on the wikia that somebody else posted. Pretty sweet.

Klaus is also a construct, which explains all his stitches.
And they said that the Professors went on record saying that Gil and Agatha are not related (which made me very happy). "

"I just kinda thought he'd been in a couple two many fights, mainly because the Fifty Families have a rule that you can't rule, if you'd been dead, which I think might apply to constructs as well...

There's also a rumor floating around that there were originally three Wulfenbach brothers who were all killed in some sort of lab accident and then stitched together into one (Klaus). I'd love to see how that one turns out.

And now, since I know Agatha and Gil aren't related, I can move onto Agatha and Tarvek possibly being distantly related.
...I don't know what's wrong with me.

But seriously, they've gotta break the love triangle somehow.
This new conspiracy theory is mainly based off of the Storm King Opera thing (which may or may not be fictional) and the fact that Tarvek can do that Heterodyne humming. WHY IS HE DOING THAT?! Is he repeating what he heard Agatha, or is he doing it of his own volition?

See him do it HERE.

The whole thing kinda falls apart, though, if the Storm King never found and married the Heterodyne princess, the prophesy was never fullfilled, and that was the sort of basis for Tarvek's plan with Zola... "

Then we got chewed for not putting a spoiler alert in the subject line, so we added one.

"Yeah the little flashback between Klaus and Lucrezia hinted towards it. Or he went through a lot of damage before...

Anyhow one thing I've been wondering about. Lucrezia said that she had her conscious spread throughout the place right? Though I wonder what happened to her original body I do wonder if one of those consciousness began to think differently or if the original herself no longer wants domination but a peaceful kind of life. Cause really with all of this going down they are fighting the results of her experiments and other sub bosses. "

"Yeah, I really do wonder about her...

I wonder if The Other is really the original her, but an outside consciousness that took her over.

~Some people speculate that she tried to separate out the evil part of her consciousness, since she had that skill in consciousness-transferal, but it got too strong or something went wrong or she separated out the wrong part, and the evil part took over.
I don't know how much truth that has.

~There are also people who think that The Enigma (the thing that first appeared in the time window when Agatha was walking to class in Beetleburg) might be the original Other.
I don't know how much truth that one has either.

I also wonder about the Geisterdamen, and who they worshiped before Lucrezia.
Did they worship anyone?
Did she create them and their dimension?
Has she been there since the beginning of time because of something to do with time portals?
How old is the Geisterdamen society, anyway?

So many questions. icon_xp.gif "

Then I offered to post the sketches from here and some interesting photos I obtained from someone who knows the Foglios... posted, discussion of sketches ensued...

"Hmmm maybe Higgs is actually the Heterodyne boy who people were led to believe died but was actually taken in by a special group of jaegers to be raised and then was set up in the Baron's forces in a grand plot to bring him back as the True Heterodyne, but Higgs soon grew weary of the responsibilities that were being planned for him. "

"I wonder if we'll ever get to a point in the story where Klaus' mother becomes important... :/

Also, I wonder how much Gil knows about his father. It seems like he knows the construct bit, but I wonder if he knows the circumstances of how that...came to be.
He obviously doesn't know about Skifander, if his mother is indeed from Skifander, which it kinda seems she is... And I wonder what Klaus told him to keep him from snooping... "

"Well if Klaus is really Chump who is Zeetha's father then he would have had Zeetha and Gil with a woman of high standing in Skifander as Zeetha refers to the warrior traditions of the Royal House at the beginning of her training of Agatha displayed here. Hmmm makes me wonder if Klaus told Gil a Warrior of Skifander was coming to kill him just so he wouldn't stop to listen to their explanation that they may just be there to take him home... Makes me wonder what Zeetha's original mission was that she forgot in her fevered delirium. "

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On January 23rd, 2011 01:50 pm (UTC), sff_corgi commented:
It's interesting how people keep going through the same thought processes. :D Thank you for quashing the Luke&Leia Theory once again. It seems to rise more often than that one Heterodyne....
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On January 23rd, 2011 03:40 pm (UTC), persephone_kore replied:
Lucas made an impression with that one, didn't he.

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On January 23rd, 2011 03:59 pm (UTC), reverancepavane replied:
those who forget history are doomed to steal from it

It actually predates him by a couple of thousand years. It was a favourite theme in a lot of Greek tragedy/comedy.

Not to mention later examples, such as Oscar Wilde et al.

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On January 23rd, 2011 04:20 pm (UTC), persephone_kore replied:
Re: those who forget history are doomed to steal from it
I somehow doubt he thought he was the first. He still made an impression. *grin*
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On January 23rd, 2011 06:32 pm (UTC), sff_corgi replied:
Re: those who forget history are doomed to steal from it
Convenient reference likely to be commonly known. :)
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On January 24th, 2011 07:38 am (UTC), leanan_peredhil replied:
I wasn't the one who quashed the Luke&Leia theory, someone else beat me to that. I was more attempting to divert attention to other things, such as the Klaus=Chump info.
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On January 23rd, 2011 08:11 pm (UTC), mindstalk commented:
Higgs is recognized by the Castle (but doesn't want his cover blown), has superior-construct-level toughness and healing, knows the 'layout' of the Castle, and knows obscure Heterodyne history even the (limited) Castle doesn't bring to mind right away. ("Sure they did. Remember Igneous, right before he exploded?" "Ah yes, my how the time does fly.")
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