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Your topic for debate: Was Klaus in love with Lucrezia, or merely complex lust?

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On February 18th, 2011 04:44 pm (UTC), julietvalcouer commented:
I don't know if LOVE in the grand romance sense is the right word. But I don't think he viewed her as "casual fun time." It depends on what Klaus's goals were in relation to Bill's and Lucrezia (did he view himself as a better partner for her just in basic personal terms, or because he thought their end goals were more compatible and therefore they'd work out better in the long run?) And given Lucrezia's family seems well-connected Spark-wise, he might view her as a very good match.

I am also wondering if the 'hurt' was a little less about him thinking Lucrezia was 'the one' than thinking "Am I always going to come up on the short end compared to the Heterodyne Boys?" He is, at this point, only a Baron (which is a realtively minor title in most systems), and even years later in the Heterodyne stories, he's portrayed more as the sidekick than the hero. We can also surmise he didn't always think Bill and Barry's way of dealing with things is the right one--the famous, trope-naming "I did it my way and it worked" speech implies this. And, to cap it all off, as the naughty flashback makes pretty clear, he's either a construct or had one HECK of a repair/revivification job done on him. So he is already somewhat in the position of playing second fiddle to the Heterodynes, particularly handsome-hero Bill, he isn't always quite in line with their philosophy for dealing with crises, and he's not quite human--now the girl he thinks is a pretty darn ideal match is also saying "Nope, Bill wins again?" He might be less hurt in the 'oh no my love' sense than in the 'am I ALWAYS going to come in second?'
On March 31st, 2011 04:28 am (UTC), (Anonymous) replied:
The Construct patchwork troubled me too -- but the last thing this Erste Baron acts like is a construct. Der Baron, he ects like pipplez, not conztruktz. So I figure him for something replicant -- like a replacement. Original brain and ego, but over time and wear and damage, he's ended up replaced bit by bit until physically but not mentally, he's like a construct.

/s/Urbane Guerrilla
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