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Re: Comic for April 27, 2015...

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Klaus, always THE BARON t' me, even if he is "merely" a behavior-modifying, secondary overlay at the moment, is being a better man than wif' th' which any of t'other characters will ever credit him. A better man than the bloody narrative will ever allow us to see (wif' all respect due th' creative prerogatives of, and no disrespect intended to, the Acadmeically-Entertaining-Familie-Foglio.)

So all this other lot can shog off, eh? Eh? Empire business, am I roight?

Seriously, God save the Baron!

In hopes as some of you lot is still reading this Oi am...

R'specfully Yrs.

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On May 3rd, 2015 09:34 pm (UTC), andzhl commented:
A thought-provoking reply. Here's hoping you prove to be substantially correct. I think the comic is geared more toward showcasing Agatha (fair play, the title *is* GIRL GENIUS) and her peers (minions, paramours, adversaries, etc.) than it is toward constructing an epic narrative "reality" that optimizes the stage time of all the actors... Which does not mean the NARRATORS won't craft a NARRATIVE that rings as true as the Doom Bell, far from it! But it *could* mean that when the time comes for the apocalyptic denouement, the character of Klaus will have served more as a background element, or even a stationary prop (seriously, he's been immobilized for what, close-to-3 years now?) than a significant actor in however many chapters remain. Which would make me sad. Life imitating art? I'm thinking of all the comic relief Klaus is implied to have provided in the Heterodyne plays and serials. Hmmm, Albia and the Master. Yes... a matter for further investigation. Excelsior!
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